Saturday, July 25, 2020

12-7-2475 Andrea vs. Janie

(AUTHOR'S NOTE:  This is an old story, and one of the earliest that is now included in the Green Tower City canon.  I did this series in 2002, around the same time as the first Lori the Fighting Ballerina story, though I can't recall which one I drew first.  It's possible I was working on them simultaneously.)

(Private Death Fight)

It’s an exciting day.  Andrea’s lifelong nemesis Janie has just turned 18, and the young brunette has arrived in the outskirts of Green Tower City and has challenged the slightly older ginger haired woman to meet up in a private location in the long abandoned Industrial wasteland surrounding the Outer City, for a long anticipated fight to the death.  Following usual Green Tower City Protocol, DoctorGreen and I make our way to the location separately.  As always, it is my duty to observe the fight impartially, and reward whichever fighter survives the death match with victory sex. 

I have become a pretty big fan of Andrea since her arrival in the city about a year ago (when she herself turned 18) but of course I have never seen Janie, and I have absolutely no idea how this fight is going to turn out. Andrea is convinced she will have no problem putting down the upstart, having a whole year of professional fighting under her waistband while Janie is fresh out of Junior Academy.

After breakfast, Doctor Green and I take a transport tube out to the boundary of the Outer City which gets us there in minutes.  Then we stroll through the desolate wasteland towards the agreed upon location.  Andrea is already there, waiting inside a large dirt ground vacant lot surrounded on all sides with a chain link fence.  She smiles when she sees me coming. 

“I can’t WAIT to end this pathetic fucking bitch!”  She tells me as I walk up to the fighting area.  She puts her arms around me and pulls me in close for a kiss, grinding her crotch against mine, but being careful not to cum.  I massage her butt and run my fingers along the waistband of her mustard yellow cotton panties. 

“MMmmmmmm…”  she murmurs.  “You’re making me wet!” 

 “ALL RIGHT BITCH!  YOU ARE ABOUT TO DIE!”  A loud voice interrupts us and I turn around to see a very sexy brunette girl in a long white T shirt that comes down to her thighs walking towards us.   When she gets to the fence, she pulls off the t-shirt and two perfectly round grapefruit sized breasts pop out from underneath.  Other than that she is wearing nothing but a pair of green and blue striped cotton panties.   She tosses the shirt aside and Andrea pushes me away.  I know this is my cue to leave the fenced in area so I take my spot next to Doctor Green, who will record the unfolding action with a series of his customary drawings.

Tension fills the air as the two young women slowly walk towards each other and stand toe to toe, glaring into each other’s eyes.  Janie is just a couple inches taller than Andrea, but otherwise they seem pretty similar in build.  Their perky breasts rise and fall as they suck in oxygen.  They are speaking to each other in a low murmur but I can’t hear what is being said.  I can only assume they are not exchanging pleasantries.

THUD!!!  Janie suddenly throws a SAVAGE roundhouse punch to the face and Andrea goes sailing into the dirt.  The brunette girl quickly moves in on her and they two young women grapple on the ground desperately for a couple seconds, then Janie gets Andrea positioned right next to the chin link fence.

“AAAAAAHHHHH!”  Andrea shrieks in pain as Janie scrapes her face against the metal fence.   Already she seems hopelessly outmatched.  Blood is streaming from her face and Janie hasn’t got a scratch on her yet. 

“All right bitch.  Get UP!”  Janie commands and starts to haul the whimpering Andrea to her feet by the hair.

“Sure glad you brought a man hear to watch me finish y- UNGH!!!”  Just as she is about halfway up to her feet, Andrea lunges forward and grabs her tormentor around the waist.  The two girls stagger about the fenced in area, grappling for control of the fight.  Suddenly Andrea slugs Janie in the ribs HARD. 


 Janie is taken off guard and stumbles back a couple steps.  Andrea jabs her again.


Janie looks woozy.  Andrea takes a couple seconds to catch her breath and wipe a trickle of blood of her chin.  She looks more determined than ever, and her eyes are filled with hatred for her young enemy.  She starts to step forward.  Janie sees her coming and lurches forward, slamming into her foe.

THAP!!! Their lithe sweaty bodies slap together hard in the morning silence and they again stagger around the small fenced in area, struggling desperately for control of the brawl.

CRACK!!! Andrea NAILS Janie in the face with a BRUTAL face slap.  The brunette is sent flying back from the force of the blow, and for the first time I see blood on her face.  Janie’s back hits the chain link fence and she drops to her butt in the corner of the fighting area.


Janie is whimpering now. Andrea stalks slowly towards her.  Janie hooks her fingers into the fence and starts trying to pull herself back up to her feet before her opponent reaches her. 

“That’s right!”  Andrea sneers with contempt.  “Get up!  Get up so I can KILL YOU!”  Suddenly she swings her foot up, connecting with Janie’s unprotected crotch.


‘GWHOULF!!”  Janie lets out a sickening howl of agony as her womanhood is crushed by the top of Andrea’s foot.  She is lifted off the ground and then tumbles into the dirt, immediately curling up into a fetal position.

“OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!”  She whimpers as Andrea walks towards her.   The red head snatches one of Janie’s bare feet and flips her over. 

“I’m gonna to finish you now!”  Andrea announces as she swiftly mounts her prey, straddling her crotch to crotch.  Janie moans in pain and flails her arms about helplessly.  The nasty crotch kick took all the fight out of her it seems.  This might end up being a pretty quick death match after all. 

THUD!!! Andrea buries her fist in Janie’s face and the brunette’s body jerks with the impact.  She hooks her fingers into the chain link fence futilely as Andrea winds up for another blow.


Janie’s body lurches again with the impact.  Andrea sits on her mount for a second and catches her breath.  Then she looks up at me and winks.

“Should I do her fast or slow, baby?”  She asks, but I just shrug.  I’m supposed to remain impartial until the fight is done.  

“I think I’ll do you sl-AAAAAIIIIIEEEEEE!!!” Andrea lets out a high pitched shriek of agony as Janie suddenly reaches up with both hands and sinks her claws DEEP into the red head’s perfect round breasts.  Blood streams down as she digs into the soft flesh and Andrea falls backward, bringing Janie up with her, and now it is Janie who is straddling Andrea. Janie cocks her fist and gives her a punch to the face, then stands up menacingly over her.  Andrea curls up into a ball and moans in misery.  Janie slowly circles her, staring down at her with sheer hatred.

“GET UP!”  Janie yells.  “GET UP AND FIGHT TO THE DEATH!”  Andrea just moans and squirms away.  Janie gives her a light kick to the ribs.  She wants to prolong the battle.  Finally Andrea ends up struggling to her hands and knees and gazes up at her tormentor with tear filled eyes of rage.  Blood drips from her wounded breasts and face but now Janie is bloodied as well. 


Slowly, with several grunts of pained effort, Andrea struggles to her feet.  Janie just patiently watches her.  They raise their fists and begin to circle.  I can sense that this fight is nearing the end.  Both girls have sustained nasty injuries and it’s only a matter of time before one or maybe even both of them just collapses to the ground from the extreme level of violence. No more words are exchanged.  The only sound now is their heavy breathing and their bare feet scraping in the dirt as they slowly and deliberately circle each other. After several long tension filled seconds, they step forward, almost reluctantly.


A flurry of fisticuffs is exchanged and Andrea seems to get the better of it.  Janie is sent staggering into the fence. Andrea quickly follows her and grabs her by the neck with one hand while she winds up with the other.   Janie jabs her in one of her mangled boobs but the furious red haired brawler doesn’t even seem to notice.  It looks like she has Janie where she wants her.

“UNGH!!!”  Before Andrea can react, Janie lunges forward and slams her body into Andrea’s.  They both moan as their bruised and battered bodies slap together and they stagger around the fighting area, grappling breast to breast.  They look like they could collapse from exhaustion at any moment.  




For several long moments they dance drunkenly around the fenced in area, their bloody bodies smashed together like long lost lovers.  Occasionally they tug on each other’s hair or waistbands, eliciting a small groan of pain ever time.  They crash into the fence on one side of the square, then start staggering towards the other  side.  I begin to wonder how long this stalemate can possible go on, and then Janie slips her hand straight down the front of Andrea’s panties.

“AAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!”  Andrea lets out a piercing shriek of agony as Janie rips out every one of her pubes with one deft movement.   She drops to her knees and reaches down to cover her ravaged vagina. Janie looks down at the handful of small red hairs still clutched in her hand.  Andrea is in TROUBLE.

“OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!”  Andrea sobs like a wounded animal and scurries away from her attacker.  When she reaches the fence she reaches up and hooks her fingers into the links.  She must know she has to get to her feet if she wants to survive this fight. 

But it’s too late.  Janie is on her and grabs her by the hair, forcing her up to a kneeling position she suddenly slams her hand into Andrea’s mouth, forcing her to eat her own pubic hair!

“EAT IT BITCH!”  Janie screams at her wide eyed victim.

“MMPH!  GURK!”  Andrea sputters and groans in terror, but she is now completely at the young brunette’s mercy.

THUD!!! Janie throws her prey down into the dirt and quickly mounts her, securing her crotch tightly over Andrea’s mouth.  The red head’s arms and legs jerk wildly but there is no fight left in her.  The jerking settles down into a quiver, then an occasional twitch.  Then she goes limp.  It’s over.

“GASP! GASP! GASP!”  Janie remains seated on Andrea’s face for several moments, her own eyes still a little wide with fear.  This was no easy win and I can tell the vilent battle has taken a hard toll on Janie.  It seems to take her a few seconds to realized she has won the fight.  Then she practically hops to her feet over her vanquished and humiliated enemy.

“I WON!  I WON THE FIGHT!!”  She howls out into the eerily quiet vacant lot.  Doctor Green and I have been the only spectators to this bloody contest.  Janie reaches down and grabs Andrea’s body by the hair, pulling her up.  Then she hooks one hand into Andrea’s crotch and with a yell of determination she suddenly hoists Andrea’s full weight up over her head, then slams her face first down onto the top of the chain link fence.

SPLAT!!!   The dead girl’s arms and legs twitch a couple times reflexively as the corpse is impaled on the tips of the chain link above the bracing bar.  Blood streams down the links of the fence and Janie walks casually out of the fighting area and presses herself against me.

“HI baby, My name is Janie and I’m your new lover.  I’m going to kill ANY other bitch that tries to come between us.”  And then she kisses me while pressing her mound against my hardening member.   I glance up and see movement in the dark spaces between the buildings on the other side of the vacant lot.  Muto Dogs.  They won’t come near live humans but once we leave this place there will very quickly be no more evidence of Andrea’s body.  That’s why they agreed on this place to settle their score for good.  As an afterthought, right before we leave, Janie goes over and rips off Andrea’s panties to be kept as a trophy.

Janie needs rest and has not yet found a place to stay, so I take her to my little loft apartment above Daisy Duke’s.  I gently satisfy her and she then passes into a deep sleep.

My day is just getting started, so I leave her to rest while I go out into the city to see what other wonders are in store for me today.