Wednesday, September 8, 2021

8-6-2473 Cassie vs. Harmony


Cassie vs. Harmony

(Cassie’s Bedroom)

On the way to Cassie’s house she steps into a self-med booth for a few minutes.  When she steps out the small amount of bruising on her face and ribs is gone, as are the scratches Gloria managed to inflict on her before getting punched out.  TO look at her now you would never know she had just been in a brutal fist fight with another girl.  These Self-Med stations are truly a wonder.  


“Let’s go, baby.”  She says as she takes my hand and within 10 minutes we are stepping through the threshold of her house.   She flips on the red porch light as we enter, closing the door but not locking it.  This is absolutely no surprise to me.  Gloria wasn’t much of a challenge to her after all.  She is probably still very horny for a decent fight.  We start to make out as we move slowly closer to her bed.


She pushes me down onto the bed and I collapse limply into the welcoming softness.  She places one knee on the edge of the mattress and begins to crawl over me.  I feel her hard nipples scrape my chest and we kiss again.  I massage her butt, feeling the brown cotton fabric of her fighting panties stretched over her perfect ass.  I slip my fingers under the waistband and start to pull them down.


“Not yet, baby.”  She says.  “I’m hoping for company.”  Then she slides down my body and takes my hard cock into her mouth.


“OOohhhhhh…”  I moan with delight and bury my head backward into the pillows as she starts working my shaft in and out of her cheeks.  I’m almost about to cum when I notice the door open.   


“BITCH GET OFF MY MAN”  The voice cuts through the air and I instantly recognize it as Harmony.  Ohhhh, this is gonna be JUICY!


Cassie calmly rises up, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.  She licks her lips as she adjusts the waistband of her panties and turns to confront the challenger.


“I was hoping you would show up.” She hisses as she stands up at the foot of the bed and takes a step towards the intruder.  My dick throbs in anticipation, knowing full well that before too long it will be plunging in and out of one of these two lovely fighters.   


Slowly, meticulously, the two young women circle each other in the large open space at the foot of Cassie’s bed.  Most of the fighting women of Green Tower City have very spartan bedrooms, allowing more room for fighting. 




Cassie starts the fight with a savage slap to the face.  Harmony is sent reeling!  The fight is on!





  1. This should be a great fight. Both sluts are true alphas, and both have demonstrated their love of destroying a rivals tits and twat. Hurting each other will turn both on like nothing else can. Rick

  2. This fight is turning out well! Very nice!

    1. Glad you are enjoying it! It may go on for a bit. I know who's going to win, but to be honest I rarely if ever plan these out. I mostly make them up as I go along.